Cloud-based service to monitor, predict, and improve plant performance


Reduce unplanned downtime of your plant and improve underperforming assets with Honeywell Connected Plant

Honeywell Connected Plant's family of cloud-based services anticipates operational complications, offering real-time solutions to overcome them. Our customers see improvements in plant performance and increased profitability by over $0.30-0.50/bbl in Refining and $10-20/MT in Petrochemicals.

With Honeywell Connected Plant's, you get a constantly monitored refinery or petrochemical plant, running at optimal efficiency with the highest reliability – every second of every day.

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A refinery with the sun setting in the background

Honeywell Connected Plant's helps sustain superior performance and consistent output.

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A petrochemical plant

Honeywell Connected Plant's enables exceptional flexibility in asset utilization, with maximum efficiency and minimum waste.

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A tank at a Gas Processing plant

Honeywell Connected Plant's improves gas plant operational efficiency to meet increased demand for natural gas.

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